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Arke wraps powerful features around smart technology to deliver a top tier app-based residential visitor and community management platform that gives your team and residents a fantastic experience.

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The Power of Arke

Arke is packed with features to help you get the best out of your community. 

Resident App

Everything they need to schedule a visit, invite the visitor, check the status, get notified on arrival. Create a PIN in advance to share with deliveries.

Community Messaging

Send out community-wide messages, or begin 1:1 conversations. Spread conversations between your team, close them when completed.

Access Control Integration

Automatic synchronisation of residents and visitors with Arke. Visitors use access control to enter via a hygienic QR scanner or standard PIN.


Defend your community. Enable the watchlist to monitor suspicious visitor activity, so your team can take action.

COVID-19 Ready

Keep everyone healthy. Send health questions to visitors before they are able to access, limit the number of visitors that can come in at a time.

Management Team Ready

Invite your team and give them access to the information they need, full audit trails and powerful search tools. 

Unexpected Visitors

Security teams can process unexpected visitors from within Arke app, resident confirms admittance via handset (not avail. in all countries).

Data Deletion Settings

Be compliant with our automatic data retention policies. Delete data automatically, according to your policy and regulation.

ID Scanning

Security teams can scan visitor IDs and process unexpected visitors from Arke app (not avail. in all countries).

Managing hundreds of thousands visitors a month

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