Personalised entry codes delivered straight to your guests.


iOS, Android or anything else with SMS support.


Automatically revoked after use. Simple, direct, secure.


Manage your Arke experience through our secure web portal.

SMS visitor entry
for Net2 Access Control

Make your guests feel welcome.

Native SMS

'... not another app...' you say?
Arke uses SMS for maximum handset compatibility. No app required.

Useful reporting

Filter messages, see content and usage information and get an overview of message loads. Available at the click of a button.


Works for your needs

Improved entry for your estate tenants?
Enhanced visitor access for your company?
Arke's got you covered.

Power features

Unused PIN removal period? Check.
Customisable messages? Check.
Message archive? Check.

The Arke portal

The gateway to your visitor entry solution.

It's at your fingertips

Arke has been designed from the ground up to offer a powerful set of features that also make things easy for you.

You'll find options for administering your sites and users, configuring SMS templates, managing your billing, viewing message audits and more, all from a single location.

With all this wrapped in a clean design, you'll spend less time setting things up and have more time to host your guests.


Built on access control

Expand your Net2 system with Arke.

The Arke client

The Arke client communicates with your Net2 server and is simple to setup and configure.

SSL encryption between the client and portal wraps security around the quick and reliable underlying messaging architecture.

The Arke client is compatible with Net2 v5.03 and above.

Arke Client

Internationally minded

Arke loves to travel and is currently available in Belgium, France, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

If your organisation resides outside of the countries listed above and you want to take advantage of an Arke system, use the 'Click to enquire' button below to get in touch.

Take Arke for a spin

Send up to 25 messages with a free trial account.

No payment details required, just a Net2 system.

Contact us

Arke - available now at a Net2 server near you.

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T: (UK) +44 (0) 20 7193 4040
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A full Arke account includes a bundle of credits for use for every month. Sending an SMS generally takes one credit.

Any extra credits used are billed the following month. Reductions in per-credit costs benefit higher usage customers.

Contact us for further information on Arke in your country.

Follow up your interest in Arke

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