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Residential living for the modern world.

Arke is the secure management platform for residential apartments, gated communities and student accommodation that makes life safer and easier for everyone involved.

Meeting today's challenges

Successfully managing a residential community comes with its challenges, even without taking the pandemic into account.

Residents expect their friends, family, delivery-drivers and other house-hold services to be able to get into the complex, safely and without friction.

They need to know about important issues, like essential maintenance work, special events and any new policies.

The COVID-19 pandemic brings its own challenges.

Powerful and flexible

With Arke, safe and successful residential management doesn’t have to be complicated or tedious. 

Arke lets your team communicate easily with your residents, manage visitor number limits, setup day-passes and more.

Health questions can be configured to allow visitors to make a declaration on their COVID-19 safety, before they arrive. 

Be welcoming, stay secure

Residents use Arke to invite visitors, get notifications and communicate with your team.

Visitor entry options include PINs or touchless QR codes, with integration to the access control system providing direct entry in a controlled and secure way.

Your estate management and security teams get all the information they need to run the community efficiently and effectively, with simple tools that ensure happy and safe residents.





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